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8 Blades Stove Fan

8 Blades Stove Fan

8-blade stove fan with better heat distribution-Compact size 20.8L*10.8W*13.8H (CM). With 8 Blades, this log burner fan will make hot air that heats up your room 80% more efficient and effective way to heat your room from your heat-powered wood heater fan, saving the burning costs more than 20% for you!

8 Blades Stove Fan Features

  • Large Wind volume

  • Low Starting Temperature

  • Solid Base Retains Heat to Power Your Fan

  • Suitable for Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves

  • Almost Silent Operation

How Does an 8 Blades Stove Fan Work?

An 8-blade stove fan, also known as a heat-powered stove fan or a heat-powered stove top fan, works through a simple and efficient mechanism. It utilizes the heat generated by a stove or fireplace to generate electricity and power the fan blades. Here's how does a stove fan work:

Placement: The stove fan blade is typically placed on top of a wood-burning stove or fireplace. It needs direct contact with the heat source to function effectively.

Thermoelectric Module: The 8-blade stove fan contains a thermoelectric module, which is composed of two dissimilar metals. When one side of the module is heated by the stove's surface, and the other side remains cooler, a temperature gradient is created.

Power Generation: The electrical current produced by the thermoelectric module is then converted into electrical power. This power is used to operate the motor of the 8-blade stove fan.

Motor and Blades: The electrical power from the thermoelectric module drives the motor, which in turn rotates the fan blades. The rotation of the blades creates a flow of air and circulates the warm air throughout the room.

Self-Powered: The 8-blade stove fan is self-powered, meaning it does not require any external power source or batteries. It operates solely based on the heat generated by the stove or fireplace.

By harnessing the waste heat from the stove, the 8-blade stove fan helps distribute the warm air more evenly and efficiently in the room, improving heat circulation and maximizing the stove's heating capabilities.

8 Blades Stove Fan Specification

Low Starting t=Temperature40℃
Optimum Operating Temperature Range80-250°C(176 – 482°F)
Burning Fuel18% cost savings
Running RPM>1200RPM
Customer Packaging Design≧1000pcs

8 Blade Stove Fan Installation

Choose the Right Location: Select a suitable spot on top of your wood-burning stove or fireplace where the 8-blade stove fan will sit securely. Ensure there is enough clearance around the fan for proper airflow.

Check Temperature Requirements: Review the manufacturer Toposon's instructions to determine the minimum operating temperature required for the 8-blade stove fan. Make sure your stove or fireplace meets this requirement.

Position the Stove Fan: Place the 8-blade stove fan gently on the chosen spot, ensuring that it sits flat and stable. The fan should be oriented in a way that the blades can freely rotate without any obstructions.

Allow for Airflow: Check that there is ample space behind the stove fan to allow air to flow. Avoid placing the fan too close to walls, furniture, or other objects that may impede airflow.

Wait for Heat: Start your stove or fireplace and wait for it to generate sufficient heat. The 8-blade stove fan operates based on the temperature differential, so it needs a certain level of heat to begin working.

Observe Rotation: As the stove heats up, the fan blades should start rotating. This indicates that the thermoelectric module is generating electricity from the heat and powering the fan.

Adjust Placement (if needed): If the fan does not start rotating or rotates too slowly, you may need to adjust its placement. Move it slightly forward or backward on the stove to find the optimal position for better heat transfer.

Monitor and Maintain: Regularly check the 8-blade stove fan during operation to ensure it continues to rotate smoothly and efficiently. Clean the fan blades and housing periodically to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate.

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