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Magnetic Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer

Magnetic Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer

Magnetic stove pipe thermometer consists of an aluminum dial, bi-metal thermometer sensor, brass pointer, and metal handle, durable, and responds quickly and accurately to temperature changes, allowing you to know the temperature of the magnetic flue pipe thermometer at all times.

Magnetic Thermometer for Wood Burning Stove Features

  • Wide Scale Range: 0-500℃/100~900℉, the pointer moves with smooth movement instead of sudden shaking, is easy to read, and responds quickly to temperature changes.

  • Magnetic flue thermometer: Clearly indicate the ideal firing temperature, ensure you don’t overheat your furnace and burn hot enough to prevent creosote buildup in the chimney and monitor and optimize furnace efficiency.

  • Easy to Use: Very compact and easy to install, the magnetic stove flue thermometer's clever magnetized design means you can place it on any metal part of your stove or flue, very convenient.

  • Uses: Accurately document creosote buildup, optimum furnace performance, and proper temperatures to increase efficiency and reduce fuel waste, for a wide variety of uses.

Magnetic Chimney Thermometer Specifications

Size63mm x 8mm
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About Magnetic Stove Pipe Thermometer

You will receive a magnetic stove thermometer in the package, sufficient for your use, and able to control stove temperature.

Protective function: The stove temperature gauge may prevent your stove from overheating, and the clear mark of your burning temperature can help you confirm the stove temperature, verify that you are burning fuel at the operation temperature, and allow you to make full use of the fuel.

Easy to use: The magnetic chimney thermometer is simple to install and use. You may place the magnetic back on the stovetop or side, and the handy hook can also be used to attach the thermometer to the stove or single wall flue pipe thermometer.

The stove top thermometer is made of high-quality materials, including an aluminum dial, a bimetal thermometer sensor, a brass pointer, and a metal handle. It is long-lasting and can be used to measure temperatures accurately.

Easy to see: The large dial is easy to read, and the creosote buildup, optimum performance, and overheating period are marked on the dial to monitor and maximize the work efficiency of your stove. The measuring range is 100 to 900 degrees, and the wide range provides reliable temperature measurement.

Where to Put Magnetic Wood Stove Thermometer

A magnetic wood stove thermometer should be placed on the stove's flat surface or on the stovepipe, approximately 6-18 inches above the stove's top. The exact placement may depend on the design of your wood stove, so it's important to check the manufacturer's instructions to determine the best location.

To install the magnetic wood stove thermometer, simply place it on the stove surface or pipe at the desired location. The magnet should hold the thermometer securely in place, but you can also use a high-temperature adhesive if needed.

Once installed, the wood stove thermometer will help you monitor the temperature of your wood stove, which is important for maintaining efficient combustion and preventing chimney fires. The ideal operating temperature for most wood stoves is between 250-475 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure to adjust your stove's damper or air intake as needed to maintain a consistent temperature.

It's worth noting that a magnetic wood stove thermometer is not a substitute for regular maintenance and cleaning of your wood stove and chimney. Make sure to have your wood stove inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once a year to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Magnetic Thermometer For Wood Stove Reviews
Marc Caplat
Marc Caplat

An inexpensive and useful magnetic stove pipe thermometer to keep a check on the state of the chimney and the build-up of tar.

Gareth Hawkins
Gareth Hawkins

Magnetic stove flue pipe thermometer works fantastic for the money paid.

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