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4 Blades Fireplace Fan Heat Powered Stove Fan Silent Motors Eco Stove Fan for Gas Pellet Wood Log Stoves

  • Size: L126*W80*H145mm;

  • Low starting temperature at 40℃;

  • Up to 18% saving in flue costs;

  • Size suitable for wood burning and multi fuel stove;

  • Almost silent operation;

  • CFM:220-240                                                      

  • Certificate:CE & RoHs , UKCA    


-This furnace fan is designed to transmit a very wide range of heat flow from the fireplace or furnace combustion, so that it can quickly increase the temperature of the room and keep the room warm. The hotter the furnace, the more air the fan can circulate. The maximum distance of hot air transmission is 3 meters/117.9 inches.

-The fan will only work when the temperature reaches 158-230 degrees Fahrenheit (70-110 degrees Celsius, depending on the fireplace type). The top of the fan is equipped with a temperature display bar.

-The base and blades of the furnace fan are made of anodize aluminum oxide, which has good thermal conductivity, so that the fan will not rust or corrode, and can be used for a long time.

-The furnace fan is equipped with bi-metal safety device. When the surface temperature of the furnace rises to its maximum operating temperature, the safety device will slightly raise the front of the fan to protect the central module and motor.

-No battery or power is required. When the surface temperature of the furnace reaches 158-230 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the type of fireplace), the furnace fan automatically operates. The only movable part is the blade attachment, which makes the wood stove fan almost completely silent even at the highest speed.

Be careful

  • Make sure that the furnace fan is placed on a smooth and flat surface near the side or back of the furnace top. The surface material of the furnace must have thermal conductivity.

  • Only when the temperature of the furnace surface reaches 158-230 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the type of fireplace) can the furnace fan convert heat into electric energy and work.

  • The maximum operating temperature is 653 degrees Fahrenheit (345 degrees Celsius). If the temperature displayed on the belt exceeds this value, please remove the furnace fan from the furnace to prevent accidents.

  • Whenever possible, use the ring to adjust and remove the fan, otherwise it may be scalded by its hot surface.

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