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Design Principles of Portable Folding Chairs for Leisure

Principles of functional design for portable folding chairs

The principle of functionality is the primary principle of design for leisure portable folding chairs. Only by achieving functionality can the value of folding chair design be realized even as aesthetic requirements become increasingly demanding. In design work, emphasis should be placed on the implementation of primary and secondary functions based on people's usage needs for folding chairs. For example, for leisure portable folding chairs used for fishing, picnics, camping, and outdoor activities, there are significant differences in function requirements, and even different age groups have their own functional needs.

Principles of structural design for portable folding chairs

The structure of portable folding chairs mainly uses a combination of triangular and quadrilateral structures. Structural design principles require that the connection and movement of structure joints must be highly stable when the folding chairs are unfolded. At the same time, the distribution of the quadrilateral should be designed reasonably to reduce the folding volume of the folding chair and ensure convenient carrying. When conducting structural design, physical principles should be borrowed to eliminate unnecessary frame edges and reduce the weight of folding chairs while ensuring structural stability and saving design materials.

Principles of color design for portable folding chairs

Following the principles of color design is to better meet the aesthetic requirements of users for folding chairs. The choice of color should be suitable for the usage scenarios, atmosphere, and emotional feelings of the folding chair, and by selecting colors reasonably, the folding chair can be integrated into people's activities and achieve harmonious coexistence with tools, people, and the environment. In addition, color design can also make the folding chair a decorative element in space, increase the existence value of portable folding chairs, and attract consumer attention during the transaction process, thereby increasing people's acceptance of folding chairs.

Principles of technical design for portable folding chairs

The principle of technical design is aimed at controlling the design cost of folding chairs. The folding chairs used for leisure and entertainment have limited usage frequency, and people have higher requirements for their economy. To effectively control costs while continuously improving the advancedness and technicality of leisure portable folding chairs, new design technologies must be actively researched. Based on the usage and target user characteristics of folding chairs, appropriate design technologies should be selected to ensure that the design cost of folding chairs matches the value created in the later period.

Principles of humanization design for portable folding chairs

The design of leisure portable folding chairs should start from people's needs and meet their usage habits, preferences, physical characteristics, and spiritual needs. For example, when designing folding chairs for napping, portable characteristics should be achieved while maximum comfort for lying down is achieved, ensuring that the seat of the folding chair can effectively support the weight of the body and achieve the goal of relaxing the body and mind. For example, by using adjustable designs, such as sliders, locks, and pulling steel pipes to adjust the height of the backrest and the size of the seat, the same folding chair can meet the sitting and lying needs of different people and increase the utilization rate of folding chairs.

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