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Outdoor Fold out Camper Table: Egg Roll Table or Mesh Table?

Outdoor folding tables play an important role in outdoor camping activities. As more and more people enjoy outdoor camping, there are now various types of outdoor folding tables to choose from, including the common portable folding tables, egg roll tables, mesh tables, metal telescopic tables, combination tables, etc. Egg roll tables and mesh tables are two commonly used outdoor tables, each with its own advantages, both of which can be chosen if needed.

Several types of outdoor fold out camper tables

When engaging in outdoor camping activities, the choice of outdoor tables is crucial. Generally, folding tables are the main types of tables used. The following are several types of outdoor folding tables:

Common portable folding table

Most outdoor enthusiasts start with this type of table. It can be divided into soft-faced and hard-faced types. This table has the smallest size and weight, and the volume of the table surface after being collected by centrifugal or rolling storage does not exceed that of a foam pad. Fit trekker with good physical fitness can even carry them for hiking camping. 

The soft-faced fold out camping table uses a cloth surface to tighten as the tabletop, the lightest and most portable, with the disadvantage of being difficult to clean once it gets dirty, inevitably requiring a washing process at home, with a relatively poor load-bearing capacity and difficulty in adapting to heavy objects and large movements. The hard metal tabletop does not have similar troubles and is much stronger in adaptability.

Egg roll table

This is an excellent outdoor product, usually with a large tabletop area and a solid structure of wood and metal hardware, suitable for different sizes of users and groups with different consumption capacity. These advantages make egg roll tables almost suitable for all camping activities that require tabletop operations, such as dining tables, workbenches and even programmers working overtime in the wild. You can almost find a perfect use for it.

Mesh table

It is a table designed with a mesh structure, usually made of metal, with some designs combining metal and wood, specifically designed for camping cooking preparations.

Metal telescopic table

This type of outdoor fold out camping table has the function of high telescopic height, which is particularly effective in some uneven terrain campsites. The other advantage of adjusting the tabletop height is that it can very easily match various styles of camping chairs with high flexibility.

Advantages of egg roll table and mesh table in outdoor fold out camper tables

Egg roll tables and mesh tables are two different styles of outdoor tables, and they are also the tables that are commonly used in outdoor activities. So which one is better?

Mesh table

The advantage of choosing a mesh table as an outdoor table is that it has a mesh tabletop, which can hold cooking utensils, especially those that have just been washed and emptied onto the ground. It is very suitable for drying kitchen utensils. In addition, fruits, vegetables and other items washed at the campsite can also be placed on the mesh table to filter out water. Actually, in plain language, the mesh table is mainly designed for cooking at the campsite, and it does not perform well in other aspects unless you put something on the tabletop.

Egg roll table

The advantage of an egg roll table is that its size and specifications are usually larger, suitable for multiple people camping, and it is also relatively stable and easy to use. Another point is that because egg roll tables are high-proportioned in the camping field, the design and R&D investment of this type of camping table are very large, and there are many different design styles to choose from, with a wider range of options.

Overall, mesh tables are only advantageous for cooking and picnicking, but not in terms of leisure and entertainment. Egg roll tables have a good experience in leisure, picnicking, etc. If there are only 2-3 people, one table is enough no matter whether it is a mesh table or an egg roll table. If there are many people, they can be purchased separately for different purposes without affecting the cooking and entertainment activities of different people.