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Wood Burning Stove Fan

The wood stove fan sale is a fan mounted on the top surface of the wood burner to help discharge warm air into the room. Wood stove fans are made of metal and usually consist of 2-blade stove fan or four-blade stove fan. Some models provide two sets of fans in one unit. Fans for wood-burning fireplaces are almost entirely made of metal and, like almost all other wood stove fans, are black.

What is the function of the wood stove fan?

The working principle of a woodstove fan is the same as that of any other fan. When the blades rotate, they force air from behind through the front of the fan. The wood stove fan uses the heat on the surface of the wood stove to supply power to the blades without a power supply.

The wood stove fan is usually a unit and usually has no loose parts. You will often find that the wood stove fan can be used directly out of the box. The wood-burning furnace fan uses the heat on the surface of the wood-burning furnace to provide power for the blades. As the blades rotate, the air is drawn in from the rear of the fan and discharged from the front in the approximate direction facing the fan.

 What is the purpose of the fan on the wood stove?

The purpose of the wood stove fan is to help transfer the heat generated by the stove more evenly to the whole room. As the heat rises, the fan can create a warm environment closer to the ground and help prevent warm air from being trapped around the furnace or on the ceiling. Without a fan, the heat from the firewood stove usually rises directly and is trapped at the top of the room.

Many wooden stoves like ours are located in existing fireplaces or niches, and warm air may not escape easily. By using the wood stove fan, this heat can be pushed into the room before rising, thus helping to make full use of the heat generated by the wood stove.

Wood stove fan placement/installation

The wood stove fan should normally be placed in a flat and smooth area on the top of the wood burner and close to the rear area of the burner. For the wood stove with flue extending out of the top, the fan shall be placed at the rear of the stove and the side of the chimney. Wood stove fan manufacturers usually state that the fan should be placed at the rear of the stove rather than near the front. It is also recommended to place the fan on a flat and smooth surface so that the fan can absorb heat more effectively.

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