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5 Ways Barbecue Grill Works

Many people love to eat barbecue. Why not buy a barbecue grill and invite a group of friends or family to barbecue at home on weekends while chatting, drinking, and enjoying the fun of barbecue. Before buying a barbecue grill, do you know what types of barbecue grills there are and how they work? Let's learn about the basic principles of 5 types of barbecue grills below.

Barbecue grills are barbecue equipment that can be used to make lamb skewers, grilled meat, etc. The types of barbecue grills on the market can be divided into charcoal grill wholesale, gas barbecue grills wholesale, electric barbecue grills wholesale, microwave barbecue grills wholesale, and solar energy barbecue grills wholesale. Gas barbecue grills and electric grills have no oil smoke, are pollution-free, and are very popular.

Principle of smoke-free charcoal barbecue grill

During the combustion process, charcoal releases carbon dioxide, which is colourless and odourless, and charcoal itself is burned, so there is no smoke. The smoke in ordinary barbecue grills during product making comes from the oil and seasonings that are dropped onto the charcoal fire during product making and ignition. As one of the professional charcoal BBQ grill manufacturers in China, Toposon provides varied charcoal BBQ series for dealers worldwide. Our charcoal BBQ grill production line includes double-sided charcoal grillcharcoal bbq portable grillcircular charcoal grillsquare charcoal bbq grills, etc.

Principle of gas barbecue grill

Generally, stainless steel is used as the furnace body material. It is ignited by an electronic pulse and uses the combustion and heat of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas to heat the four independent high-temperature water crystal red gas heating plates, which then bake the food on the iron plate. It is equipped with energy-saving control, and the electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flame to control the temperature of the iron plate, which is convenient to use.

Principle of electric barbecue grill

A direct-burn electric barbecue grill works by heating the food directly. During barbecuing, the food fats drip immediately, without repeated immersion of fats, namely, without frying, so the food contains less fat, and the grilled food has a real barbecue flavor.

Principle of microwave barbecue grill

Microwave ovens use microwaves that can pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, etc., but do not consume energy. Foods containing moisture cannot pass through microwaves, but instead absorb their energy. The shell of the microwave oven is made of metal materials such as stainless steel, which can block microwaves from escaping from the oven to avoid affecting people's health. The container for storing food is made of insulating materials. The heart of the microwave oven is a magnetron. This electron tube, called a magnetron, is a microwave generator that can generate microwaves with a frequency of 2.45 billion vibrations per second. These microwaves, which are invisible to the naked eye, can penetrate food up to 5cm deep, causing water molecules in the food to move vigorously, generating a lot of thermal energy, and thus "cooking" the food.

Principle of solar energy barbecue grill

The solar energy barbecue grill uses the principle of concentrating solar energy to realize food barbecue and stewing, and the principle of photovoltaic power generation to realize battery charging, machine operation, etc. First, the solar radiation energy is concentrated, transmitted, and stored through the reflector and roasting tube to obtain heat, and realize the functions of food barbecue and stewing. Secondly, the solar cell module absorbs solar energy and converts it into electricity to provide power to the solar energy automatic tracking system. The solar energy automatic tracking system is composed of photosensitive tracking devices, motors, and other components, which can accurately track the azimuth of the sun anytime and anywhere and effectively collect solar energy.

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