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About Toposon's Fire Pits Products

Now more and more people like outdoor BBQ or courtyard BBQ, which is why TOPOSON has always been devoted to developing new products in this industry, improving product performance and quality, and ensuring price advantages.

Whenever we want to develop new camping equipment wholesale for BBQ, we start from the following main points:

1. The appearance design of the product is simple and the atmosphere meets the needs of public life.

2. Performance, expect to meet the various standards achieved by barbecue, it must also be flexible to carry, easy to store, not take up a lot of space, and the weight is controlled so that it is easy to handle.

3. Material, all our fire pit barbecue series products are made of Q235 iron spray high-temperature paint, which can withstand high temperatures up to 800 degrees, so as to confirm that the products will not have discolouration, rust and other problems whether they are exposed to the sun, rainforest or high-temperature barbecue.

4. Packaging, in order to package safely and reduce packaging space, thereby reducing transportation costs, all our styles are packaged in foldable packaging, which is very simple and easy to install when users receive it, which is highly praised by all customers.

6. Although we have many styles, the MOQ can start from 100-200 sets, and the delivery time is about 10-15 days.

7. We decide the final price according to the number of customers. The larger the quantity, the more advantageous the price.

Well, the above is a general introduction of our BBQ series products. If you are interested in learning more information, please feel free to contact us.

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