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How to Choose a Camping Chair?

There are three key points in choosing a camping chair: chair height, backrest type, storage size, and type.

Ⅰ. More important points to note are as follows:

1. Assembly difficulty

The ease of assembly seems to be less discussed in camping chairs because it is usually easy. However, there is a lightweight camping chair that is quite popular recently. It is more troublesome to assemble, but the advantage is that it is very small and light after storage. The disadvantage is that it is less stable.

2. Site (domain) size

If your equipment is a relatively closed living room tent, then your indoor space is very limited, and it is not suitable for large camping chairs or reclining chairs. But if your equipment is a relatively open canopy, then you have the conditions to choose a larger chair, which is more comfortable to sit on.

Usually, in winter, people prefer to use living room tents because of the need for wind protection and warmth, while in summer, people prefer to use canopies because they want to be more ventilated.

So in fact, there is no certainty, just like people often say: camping cannot conquer the world with one account. You usually have different plans to match and adapt to different camps, weather...etc. Therefore, I personally think that it is more practical not to buy a camping chair that is too large, and it is applicable regardless of the large canopy or the living room tent.

3. Storage order

Few people have noticed this part, but it is true that the chairs are usually collected slowly. Not just because there may still be people sitting, but often a lot of things will be placed on the chair, such as: coats, sleeping bags... and other debris that you don't want to put on the ground. If the chairs are stowed, they can only rest on the ground.

Ⅱ. Several kinds of camping chairs for you to choose

1. RV bucket

RV barrels are one of the equipments that almost every camping friend has. It is very convenient and can hold a lot of sundries, such as camp ropes, hooks, frog lights... etc., which are a bunch of things that can be used for camping, and it is right to take it out when it is time to go camping. Of course, occasionally we still need to tidy up the things inside, such as checking whether the frog lamp is still powered.

In short, this is a very worthwhile piece of equipment. It can hold sundries, sit, stand, waterproof, and put things. Like we often put a hot water bottle on it, and use it as a small countertop.

2. Comfortable bench back Okawa chair

This chair is almost the same when sitting, and it is very comfortable. The front edge of the chair has a downward chamfer so that the thighs will not feel stuck. However, it is columnar and relatively long for storage, so the storage method of the rear compartment must be considered.

3. Common camping chairs

This one is believed to be very common. The left and right sides of the chair surface feel like they are upturned to cover you, and it is quite comfortable to sit on. But because the angles of these two chairs are relatively backward, when playing board games, chopping vegetables, and doing other tasks, there will be a little bit of jamming. In a word, this chair is very suitable for beginners.