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How to Choose Camping Chair

Three key points in selecting camping chairs: chair height, backrest type, storage size and type. More important points to pay attention to are as follows:

Assembly difficulty of camping chairs

Assembly difficulty seems to be less discussed in camping chairs because it is usually easy. However, there is a kind of lightweight camping chair which is very popular recently. It is troublesome to assemble, but the advantage is that it is very small and light after being stored. The disadvantage is that it is less stable.

The field size of camping chair

If your equipment is a closed living room tent, your indoor space is very limited, and it is not suitable for placing large camping chairs or reclining chairs. However, if your equipment is an open canopy, you have the conditions to choose a larger chair and sit more comfortably. Usually, in winter, people prefer to use living room curtains because they need to keep warm and windproof. In summer, people prefer to build a canopy because they want to be ventilated.

In fact, it is not certain. Just as it is often said that camping cannot win the world. You usually have different plans to match, adapt to different camps, weather... And so on. Therefore, I personally believe that it is practical not to buy too large camping chairs, regardless of the large canopy or living room account.

Storage sequence of camping chair

Few people have paid attention to this part, but it is true that chairs are usually collected slowly. It's not just that there may still be people to sit, but many things are often put on the chair, such as coats, sleeping bags. And other sundries that you don't want to put on the ground. If the chair is put away, they can only be put on the ground.

Several camping chairs for you to choose 

1.comfortable bench back chair

This chair is almost comfortable to sit on. The front edge of the chair has a downward guide angle, so that the thighs will not get stuck. However, the storage is columnar and relatively long. The storage mode of the trunk must be considered.

2. common camping chair

This model is believed to be very common. The left and right sides of the seat surface are cocked up to cover you. It is very comfortable to sit. However, because the angles of these two chairs are inclined backward, there will be a little stuck when playing board games, cutting vegetables, etc. This chair is very suitable for beginners.