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Knowledge about Sink Drain Rack

The sink drain rack is a kind of kitchen supplies, which can be used to empty the water from bowls, chopsticks, vegetables and fruits. It is composed of a basket with mesh and hooks around it. The drain rack model of the sink must be matched with the sink before it can be correctly installed and easy to use. The materials of the sink drain rack are mostly metal and plastic. What should we pay attention to when choosing? Now let's explain to you the function and selection of the sink drain rack.

The function of the sink drain rack 

1. Vegetables with a lot of water need a draining rack: friends who often cook know that spinach, cabbage, rape and other green leafy vegetables as well as bean sprouts contain a lot of water. If they are directly fried after washing, it is very easy for the frying pan to burst oil, and a lot of water will be fried, which will directly affect the taste of the dishes. If you use draining to drain the water before frying, you can also sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, and the water will drain away soon.

2. Washed fruits need a draining rack: washed apples, grapes, peaches and other fruits have a large number of water droplets on the surface. Sometimes they can not be eaten at one time, but it is troublesome to wash them every time. It is easy to rot when stored with water. At this time, the fruit can be drained in the draining basket first, and then put into the plate for storage after the fruit is dried, which can not only avoid the trouble of cleaning each time, but also ensure the storage of the fruit.

3. Dishes, bowls and chopsticks need a draining rack: after washing, the surface of dishes, bowls and chopsticks is stained with a lot of water drops, and sometimes there is harmful detergent in the water drops, so at this time, we can drain the dishes, bowls and chopsticks in the draining basket to avoid excessive residue of water. In addition, moisture residue will shorten the service life and safety of wooden chopsticks, so it needs to be drained as soon as possible.

How to choose a sink drain rack

1. pay attention to the details of accessories: high-quality kitchen sinks often need good accessories and details. Generally, the current kitchen sink will be equipped with a drainage basket for easy use. The washed items will be directly placed in the drainage basket, and the water will flow into the sink without wetting the surrounding of the countertop. Generally, the kitchen selects the stainless steel water tank drainage rack. The electroplating technology directly affects the quality of the drainage rack. The strict pretreatment ensures that the coating is closely combined without deplating and is isolated from electrochemical corrosion. The plating surface is bright and flawless, with excellent scratch and corrosion resistance.

2. pay attention to the matching of sinks: it is better to use a single sink for the sink with a drainage rack. If a double sink is used, try to use a single rotary faucet, which can rotate at multiple angles and occupy less space to meet the daily use function. It is necessary to select a deep water tank to reduce the possibility of water splashing.