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Is the Round Shoe Rack Good? Read the Article about the Round Shoe Rack

To make use of limited space at home, this small and rotating multifunctional shoe rack comes into being. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the round shoe rack. Please continue reading the article if you are interested.

Advantages of the round shoe rack:

  • Strong Storage Capacity: The round shoe rack can rotate 360 degrees, and shoes can be stored on both sides in a layered manner, making full use of space. A 12-level shoe cabinet can store about 50 pairs of shoes, which is enough for a family to store all the shoes they wear all year round.

  • Small Footprint: Another advantage of the round shoe rack is its small footprint. It can be rotated and stored in a closet, which saves a lot of space. The shoe rack comes in different levels and can be adjusted.

  • Beautiful Appearance: The round shoe rack is stylish and beautifully crafted, durable and sturdy.

  • Cost-effective: The rotating shoe rack is also cost-effective. As it is relatively easy to make, the price is affordable.

  • Easy Installation: The round shoe rack is easy to install and use. Just assemble the shoe rack parts, fix them, and rotate them smoothly to put the shoes in. Basically, just follow the instructions to complete the installation, and you can easily dismantle it on your own. Many homeowners can do it themselves without any help.

Disadvantages of the round shoe rack:

As the round shoe rack needs to rotate 360 degrees, the hardware fittings and other parts must meet higher requirements, so consumers should pay attention to the brand of hardware fittings when purchasing round shoe racks. It is recommended to choose high-quality round shoe racks.

For small families living in small apartments, a shoe cabinet takes up too much space, which is unacceptable. Therefore, the round shoe rack comes into being.

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