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What Kind of Folding Table is Suitable for Camping?

Some people say that camping without a table can only be called a low-profile picnic. For novice campers, there must be a table in real camping, which is not only more convenient when cooking on a fire outdoors, but also very good for taking pictures. Veterans who understand camping generally recommend egg roll tables that are very portable, but they may not tell you how to choose the most reliable folding table.

1. Portability of the fold-up camping table

The so-called portable means that it requires a lightweight and small footprint after folding. Vehicle space is always limited, too bulky, and too painful to carry.

2. The height of the fold-up camping table

A parameter that is easily overlooked but directly affects the user experience. If the height of the fold-out camper table is less than 50cm, it is "low", and about 65-70cm is very good. Comparative reference value: The height of the standard household dining table is 75cm, and the height of the knees after an adult sits down is generally close to 50cm. The height of the camping table must match the height of the camping chair, otherwise, it will be too uncomfortable. For example, a camping table with a height of 50cm is more suitable for a camping chair with a sitting height of less than 40cm, otherwise, the chair will be too high and it will be uncomfortable to bend over.

3. Stability and load-bearing of the fold-up camping table

Stability is usually inversely proportional to the degree of portability, and the more stable the structure is usually the heavier the material is when the material is the same. Generally speaking, it is enough for the outdoor fold-up camping table to bear more than 30kg. But stability is very important. It is too uncomfortable to cook the hot pot halfway and the table collapses.

4. The durability of the fold-up camping table

It is the same as stability. Here, the material and connecting parts are mainly considered. The quality of the connection directly affects the service life.

5. fold-up camping table size selection

The unfolded size of the fold-up camping table can be divided into two parts: desktop size and desktop height. The choice of desktop size must consider the number of users and the size of the space. If there are a large number of campers, a larger or longer tabletop is usually required to meet the needs of users. But it can't be too big, and you must also consider the size of your tent space, especially if you are using a more closed tent instead of a more open canopy, the entire space may feel crowded. The height of the desktop greatly affects the user experience. You must pick a tabletop height you like and match your camping chair height.

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