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How about a Revolving Shoe Rack

In order to make use of the limited space in the home, this kind of small and rotatable multi-functional shoe rack came into being. Next, the passage will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the rotating shoe rack to see "wear" the rotating shoe rack! If you are interested, please continue to have a look.

The advantages of revolving shoe rack

Strong accommodation: the rotating shoe rack can rotate 360 degrees. Shoes can be stored on both sides. It can be stored in different layers. The space utilization rate is very high. A 12 story shoe cabinet can basically collect 50 pairs of shoes. Basically, the shoes that a family often wears all year round can be collected almost the same.

Small floor area: small floor area is another advantage of the rotating shoe rack. Because it can be rotated, it saves a lot of space when it is put into the cabinet. The shoe rack has different levels of specifications, and the floor height can be adjusted.

Beautiful effect: the rotating shoe rack is beautiful and fashionable, well made, durable and beautiful.

High cost performance: another competitive advantage of the rotating shoe cabinet lies in its high cost performance. Because it is relatively easy to make, the price can be accepted by the public.

Convenient installation: the installation and use method of the rotating shoe rack is relatively simple. You only need to assemble the parts of the shoe rack and rotate smoothly after fixing, and then you can put the shoes. Generally, the installation can be basically completed according to the instructions, and the disassembly method is the same. Many life experts can complete it by themselves without asking for help.

The disadvantages of revolving shoe rack

As the rotating shoe rack needs to rotate 360 degrees, it has high requirements for its hardware accessories. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the brand of hardware accessories when purchasing the rotating shoe rack, and it is recommended to select a high-quality rotating shoe rack.

For small families, a shoe cabinet takes up more space, which is simply unacceptable, so the rotating shoe rack came into being.