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What Types of Charcoal BBQ Grills Are There?

Charcoal BBQ grills use charcoal lumps or natural lump charcoal as fuel. When burned, the charcoal will turn into embers, releasing the heat needed to cook food. There is a debate among barbecue enthusiasts about which charcoal is best for grilling. Users of charcoal briquettes emphasize the uniformity of size, burn rate, heat production, and quality exhibited by the briquettes. Users of all-natural lump charcoal emphasize its subtle smoky aroma, high heat production, and binders and fillers not typically found in briquettes. There are many different charcoal BBQ grill configurations. Grills can be square, round, or rectangular, some have lids and some don't, and they may or may not have ventilation systems for heat control. However, most charcoal grill wholesale falls into the following categories.

1. Brazier BBQ grill

A brazier grill is the simplest and cheapest charcoal BBQ grill, made from wire and sheet metal and consisting of a cooking grid placed over a charcoal pan. Typically, the grill is supported by legs attached to the charcoal pan. Brazier grills do not have lids or ventilation systems. Adjust the heat by moving the cooking grid above the charcoal pan up or down. Even after George Stephen invented the kettle grill in the early 1950s, the brazier grill remained a dominant type of charcoal BBQ grill for many years. In summer, most discount department stores offer brazier grills.

2. Particle BBQ grill

Pelletized grills are fueled by compressed hardwood pellets that are loaded into a hopper and fed into a firebox at the bottom of the grill by an electric auger controlled by gunpowder and a thermostat. The particles are ignited by an electric ignition rod, which begins to burn, and once burned, they turn into coal in the combustion chamber. Most pellet grills are barrel-shaped with a square funnel box at the end or side. The advantage of a pellet grill is its temperature versatility. This is one of the few grills that is actually a smoker, grill, and grill. The best pellet grills can maintain a steady temperature for more than ten hours. Many people use a sturdy diffuser plate between the stove and grill to provide even temperature distribution.

Most pellet grills burn 1/2 to 1 pound of pellets per hour at 180-250°F, depending on the "hardness" of the wood, ambient temperature, and how often the lid is opened. Most hoppers hold 10 to 20 pounds of wood pellets. Particles from a variety of forests, including hickory, oak, maple, apple, mesquite, vine, etc., can be used or blended to achieve the desired smoky flavor. Pellet technology is widely used in home heating in some parts of North America. Softer woods, including pine, are often used for home heating. Pills for home heating are not culinary grade and should not be used in a pill grill.

3. Square charcoal BBQ grill

The square charcoal BBQ grill is a hybrid between a brazier and a kettle grill. Square charcoal BBQ grills have a shallow pan like a brazier and are usually an easy way to adjust the heat. However, they have a lid like a kettle grill and basic adjustable vents. As expected, square charcoal BBQ grills are priced between a brazier and a bottle cage, with the most basic models costing the same as the most expensive braziers, which compete with the basic bottle cages. These grills are available at discount stores and have replaced most larger braziers. The square charcoal BBQ grill has almost only four legs and two wheels at the rear, so the grill can be tilted back using the handle of the pot lid to roll the grill. A more expensive example is to mount the basket and rack on the grill.

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