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About TOPOSON Stove Fan

There are more and more wood stove fan sales on the market. Different designs and sizes. Their price, quality, and performance are very different as well.


TOPOSON is a leading factory that specializes in R&D and manufacturing fans for woodstoves. We have experience in OEM and ODM fireside products for more than 10 years, such as wood-burning camp stoves for sale, BBQ grills wholesale, and kitchen drying racks over sinks. It mainly serves customers from different countries in Europe and the United States.

We are focusing on the development of some high-quality, high-performance products that give customers instead of making many different types. it can bring a real and effective user experience to consumers and help to reduce the cost of burning energy to buy woodstove fan, but also improve the effect and comfort. At the same time, we can also give our agent customers to continuously increase their sales, and to obtain considerable profits for customers who sell our wood stove fan sale.


Toposon develops one or two new stove fans every year, but this year we will have more than 6 new fans for customers to choose from. There are styles upgraded from the old style. But the cost does not increase. Then there is mini-fan for wood burning stove series with different heights and colors, which are designed according to the requirements of previous customers and can meet the needs of different consumers.

There is also a super -stick dual -purpose fireplace stove fan that can be tied to the fuel pipe and used directly on the surface of the fireplace or stove.

This will effectively solve two problems. If the surface of the fireplace of consumers cannot be placed on the fireplace fan, or the space is not enough to set a fireplace fan, then this new EQ764 fire fan can solve this problem well. Consumer customers can be well solved. Consumer customers can use it on the cigarette pipe. In this way, the calories of the tobacco pipe can be quickly spread to the entire room.

Below are some of our woodstove fan features for your reference.

  • Wood burning stove fan】If you happen to have your wood fire heater fan installed in a fireplace, now you can collect and use waste heat that was going up the chimney, with this squat mini stove fan. It sits on top of the wood heater and is small enough to blow the air out from under the chimney, and across the room.

  • Improve Stove Performance】 This log burner 4 blade stove fan increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove heater/ pellet heater, oven, or wood/log burner by effectively distributing heat, FULLY utilizing the heat from your wood stove and dispersing it to your room. And 38% of wood or fuel cost saving.

  • Log Burner Fan】Newly Designed Blade, Larger Air Volume, Lower noise. You don't even know the stove fan is there, but you feel the warmth! You will enjoy the warm air in a quiet and comfortable environment.

  • Advanced and Safe Material】Toposon fan for wood burning stove log burner fan base and blade are made from Anodized Aluminum, able to resist high temperatures up to 653°F(345°C), there is high-temperature protection shrapnel at the bottom, full oxidation of the fuselage, high temperature does not change color. The stove fan operates with normal surface temperatures of 140°F(60°C).

  • Start Automatically】The heat-powered wood burner fans are designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood/coal or pellet burning. Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room. If you have any questions about the fan, please feel free to contact us in time.


Toposon will also have more fireplace fan/stove fans to develop. If you are interested, you will also act as an agent for our products. Welcome to contact us at any time.