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Design Analysis of Portable Folding Chairs for Leisure

The development history of folding chairs is very long. In feudal times, only people with high status could enjoy the right to use folding chairs. With the development of the times, folding chairs were applied to military activities. It was not until around the 1870s that designers began to pay attention to folding chairs again, gradually developing them into a tool for people to go out for travel and leisure.

Material and design of portable folding chairs

Literally, the design of outdoor portable chairs requires high material selection. Leisure portable folding chairs are designed to meet people's needs for rest during outdoor activities. The portability of folding chairs is both a design standard and the core of design, and optimizing material selection is the first step in achieving portability. Steel pipes and Oxford cloth are the best design materials for portable folding chairs. Steel pipes are lightweight and can provide excellent load and bending capacity. Steel pipes treated with rust prevention have a significantly increased service life. Choosing materials such as Oxford cloth and canvas as the supporting material for the seat is mainly because these materials have high strength, are sturdy, durable, and not easily deformed, and can be folded and bent at will.

Structural design of portable folding chairs

Currently, the design material of most leisure portable folding chairs on the market is steel pipes. How to maximize the contraction of outdoor activity chairs under the conditions of a given material and ensure that they can be folded and unfolded freely has become the focus of production research. In order to increase the frequency of using folding chairs and make them one of the necessary tools for people to travel and leisure, the structural design of folding chairs must be optimized to minimize the volume after contraction while ensuring their functionality. For example, by combining a triangle and a quadrilateral structure, when the folding chair is opened, the triangular steel pipe provides support, and when it is contracted, the instability of the quadrilateral is used to shrink the folding chair into a long strip with a very limited volume, which is convenient for people to carry.

Functional design of portable folding chairs

The functional design of leisure portable folding chairs should be based on the principle of humanization, and the functions that folding chairs can achieve should be adjusted according to different needs of people. The functional design of folding chairs is subject to restrictions from many factors such as material selection, structure, use environment, and human needs. It is necessary to achieve harmonious unity between people and folding chairs, and between chairs and their environment. Meeting people's needs is the core of functional design, and without this, the design of folding chairs is meaningless. For example, folding chairs specially designed for fishing activities use steel pipes and Oxford cloth as the main design materials. They are also equipped with structures such as mesh pockets and compartments, to facilitate anglers to store water cups, fishing tools, and other miscellaneous items. A folding sunshade is also installed on the back of the chair, using double-layer black rubber material to achieve the functions of rain prevention and sunshade. When designing folding chairs for family or group outings and picnics, considering that people have relatively simple needs but need to carry multiple folding chairs, the structure of the folding chair is usually simplified, using a combination of four-sided frame structures to make the folding chair more compact and lightweight. The above cases show that the functional design of outdoor activity chairs should be combined with structural design, and the structure should be adjusted according to people's functional needs to provide consumers with a more comprehensive product line of folding chairs.

Aesthetic design of portable folding chairs

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for leisure portable folding chairs and other lifestyle tools is no longer limited to functional satisfaction. People hope that folding chairs can become a symbol of leisure and relaxation, and outdoor activity chairs carry not only the weight of the human body, but also people's yearning and pursuit for nature and free life. Meeting people's aesthetic and spiritual needs has become the highest requirement for the design of leisure portable folding chairs. By using bright colors and interesting structures, people's aesthetic requirements for folding chairs are met, making folding chairs a part of people's leisure and relaxation life. People can choose different portable folding chairs according to their usage environment, usage requirements, and even their moods, giving folding chairs unique spiritual meanings.