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Hardcore Guide to Outdoor Cookers

Outdoor cooking utensils are different from kitchen cooking utensils. Outdoors are a very physical exercise. Even if they are placed in the car, it is very tiring to move them up and down. Outdoor cooking utensils are mainly considered to be light in weight and easy to carry. Outdoor camping cookware kits are also available in different materials to meet different needs, with different weights and prices.

Ⅰ. The selection of outdoor camping cookware kits should best meet the following characteristics

1. Under the same storage volume, the more functions, the better. Because camping outside, it is more troublesome to carry materials, and the backpack space is very expensive. The perfect storage space and multi-functionality are the first choice.

2. Under the same volume, choose light weight as much as possible, also for easy portability. If you have enough budget, you can choose titanium alloy tableware, and you can choose aluminum cookware for cost-effective.

3. Cooking ability can mainly refer to three parts: fast burning, good heat preservation, and even heating.

4. Ease of use, generally refers to a set of pots, capable of meeting various cooking requirements.

5. Durability, generally the coated ones are easily damaged, and the aluminum ones are less durable than the titanium and stainless steel camping cookware kits.

Ⅱ. List of outdoor camping cookware kits

If you are driving to outdoor camping, the place you are going is a campsite, and there will be many friends around. Well man, you need to bring everything with you so that nothing is missing from your good mood. At this point, you can consider:

1. Set of pots, mainly including stew pots, frying pans, teapots, etc. The number of pots is proportional to your stove. If you only prepare one burner, then it is useless to have too many pots. Generally, 3 are enough. If there are more people, you can also buy a set of multiple pots, but you need to prepare several stoves at the same time.

2. The tripod hanging pot is relatively heavy, and it feels very warm when watching the wind, especially when playing a campfire.

3. Grilling pan or sandwich grilling clip, if you want to lure a fish or something when camping, grilling pan or grilling clip is indispensable. If you are camping in the wild, if you don't barbecue, it will lose the fun.

If you are just backpacking for hiking, it is recommended that you travel lightly. If you need to travel longer outdoors, the more compact your backpack is. What you need is not a pot, but a large cup. You may bring an alcohol stove set, the stove is placed in a pot, such a set is easy to store, lighter and takes up little space. You don't need to bring a pot anymore. Or the environment of your hiking destination is a bit sinister, such as a plateau, such as a snow-capped mountain. In this kind of place, you will bring a split gas stove. Also, at this time, you need a large cup, or a gas stove set, which is more convenient for storage. This camping cookware kit pot is actually a big cup, or a military kettle, an utensil that can be used as a kettle and can also boil things, the main thing is that it has a handle so that when it is taken off the fire, it will not be too hot. In short, you only need one pot, not two, it's too heavy and takes up too much space.

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