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How to Clean a Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill?

It is difficult to maintain the stainless steel kitchen appliances free of stains and keep the shine, but it takes even more time and effort to maintain the original appearance of a stainless steel barbecue grill.

Grease, food and moisture all have an impact on the BBQ grill

Stainless steel BBQ grills are generally used outdoors and sometimes exposed to the elements all year round. This level of exposure is just one reason why stainless steel rusts. Grease, food particles, and moisture can all affect stainless steel.

If you want to do something for your stainless steel BBQ grill, keeping it clean is the way to go. Regular cleaning of the stainless steel and enamel cover on the BBQ grill not only helps maintain its shine, but also helps maintain its resistance to corrosion.

The more frequently you use the BBQ grill and the harsher the environmental conditions, the more often you need to clean it. Salt in the air accelerates the corrosion and rust of stainless steel. So if you live by the sea, you should clean it at least once a week. Chlorine in nearby swimming pools can also damage the BBQ grill, accelerating its corrosion and rust. Therefore, periodic cleaning is very important and necessary.

Because stainless steel has different quality grades, manufacturers use different grades of stainless steel in different parts of the BBQ grill. Therefore, repair recommendations also depend on the different ratios of stainless steel grades used by different grill manufacturers during production. Be sure to check your user manual or the manufacturer's website for information on how to deal with discoloration, stubborn stains, and rust on the BBQ grill.

High-temperature roasting of the BBQ grill also affects stainless steel. The heat of the BBQ grill can cause the material to discolor and turn the stainless steel to gold. Testing has shown that some stainless steel BBQ grills slowly develop a light yellow hue. Therefore, before you go shopping, you can read the buying guide for gas BBQ grills and the different models and gas grid ratings at all price points.

How to gently clean the stainless steel BBQ grill?

When the BBQ grill is no longer hot, it is safe to clean it. To clean it regularly, experts recommend using a special stainless steel cleaner. But you can also use a mild liquid detergent with warm water to avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach.

Use a soft cloth or fiber cloth. Some paper towels are coarse and can also scratch the surface of stainless steel. And avoid using steel wool pads or brushes, which can damage the surface layer of stainless steel.

Go with the grain. The grain of stainless steel generally runs from one end to the other, not from top to bottom. So cleaning in the direction of the grain can also avoid scratches. If you use soapy water, remember to rinse it off with clean water. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away the water to prevent water stains from drying out.