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How to Use Outdoor Folding Tables and Chairs

Using outdoor folding tables and chairs is not difficult. Simply follow the correct method to unfold and fold them back up for storage when not in use. Outdoor folding tables generally have a middle extension design, with the table top pulled out from one end and the panels underneath opened up. Outdoor folding chairs consist of a seat and backrest. Press down on the armrest and push the backrest directly back, then release it and secure it in place. When folding them back up, reverse the process. Instability of outdoor folding tables and chairs may be caused by not being fully unfolded, exceeding the weight limit, or damage to the connections. Let's take a look at the usage and precautions of folding tables and chairs together.

Usage of fold away camping table and chairs

Fold away camping table and chairs are often used outdoors. When using them, the folding tables and chairs need to be unfolded and then folded back up when done. Here is how to do it:

Open storage outdoor folding table


The folding table has a center extension design. To unfold it, pull out the table top from one end and the hidden panels on the bottom will be revealed, extending the length of the tabletop. The raised panels on the embedded panel are connected with the hardware anti-collision buttons, and once assembled, the table can be easily extended and retracted by one person.


Pull out the table legs from the slots and fold them inward. When storing it, press firmly down on the circular tube at the end of the table legs, and then fold it inward.

Open storage outdoor folding chair


The structure of an outdoor folding chair is simple, consisting of a seat and backrest, and most have a special armrest design. To unfold it, hold onto the armrest and push the backrest directly back until it is securely fixed in place. Some folding chairs don't have armrests; their folding mechanism is integrated into the backrest. Some folding chairs have unique designs, such as those that are three sections long, and require a specific unfolding technique.


Locate the "release" button on the back of the chair to loosen the backrest. Fold the two side seat backs inwards, and then turn over the cushion to flatten the chair completely before folding it.

How to fix unstable fold away camping table and chairs

When using outdoor fold away camping table and chair, it may become unstable. Many people worry that putting anything heavy on it may cause it to break. To address this, you can:

  • Make sure the folding table and chair are fully unfolded and fixed in place. If they are not, fold them back up and then unfold them properly.

  • If the folding table and chair are unstable due to an excessive load, remove some of the items placed on them.

  • If the connections of the folding table and chair are damaged, use tools such as nails, hammers, and angle irons to gently shake them, and then use screws to tighten the damaged areas.

Precautions when using fold away camping table and chairs

  • When unfolding or folding up, be sure to follow the correct method and do not force it to prevent damage.

  • The weight capacity of outdoor folding tables and chairs is limited. Do not place too many heavy items on them.

  • After use, be sure to wipe the surface of the steel pipe dry with a cloth, and, if possible, use car wax or sewing machine oil to maintain it.

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