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What Are the Different Styles of Outdoor Chairs?

The styles of outdoor chairs are varied, including moon chairs, wood grain chairs, folding reclining chairs, double chairs, etc. When choosing, the main considerations are comfort and portability. The comfort of outdoor folding camper chairs is generally inversely proportional to their storage volume. Outdoor chairs with larger storage volumes are more comfortable to sit on. In addition, the comfort of outdoor chairs also depends on the usage environment.

Compared to real indoor furniture, the biggest feature of outdoor tables and chairs is their portability, often with convenient folding or disassembling functions. The comfort of outdoor chairs is important when using them outdoors. Generally, outdoor chairs as necessary wholesale camping equipment come in the following styles:

Moon folding camper chairs

Moon chairs are one of the most common and comfortable outdoor chairs for camping. Its chair surface presents a concave egg shape, which conforms to the shape of the human body, providing a comfortable and enveloping feel. It is especially suitable for lounging and relaxing. A quality moon chair usually consists of an aviation aluminum alloy stand and an Oxford cloth chair surface. When stored, it is slightly larger than a small stool and weighs about 1 kg.

In outdoor activities, a moon folding camper chair can adapt to most activities, whether it's chatting, eating, fishing, etc. This style with a backrest is more suitable for activities that require longer periods of use, and you can choose according to the usage scenario.

Wood grain folding camper chairs

This type of chair has the most stable appearance and best appearance among all outdoor chairs. Whether made of solid wood or wood grain aluminum alloy, it looks very harmonious with the outdoor environment. Its structure is strong and stable, and the natural texture of solid wood is excellent. The disadvantage is the heavier weight, while wood grain aluminum alloy is more lightweight and usually cheaper, making it suitable for users with a limited budget who still want good value for money.

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Reclining folding camper chairs

The styles of reclining chairs are more diverse, but most of them have a fabric material on a metal frame that collapses inwardly. In terms of structure, they are closer to home chairs than moon chairs. Unlike the concave egg shape of moon chairs, these larger folding chairs have flatter chair surfaces, higher stability, and more vertical chair backs, suitable for sitting at higher camping tables. These folding camper chairs usually have larger dimensions and a more sturdy frame, creating a harder feel when sitting, but the higher sitting height is more comfortable for taller people or those with a belly, without creating any pressure on their thighs.

If weight and storage volume are not considered, these folding camper chairs are undoubtedly the No.1 choice among outdoor chairs, both in appearance and comfort. The common khaki and light brown-green color scheme matches perfectly with natural environments, especially suitable for multi-day camping and some fixed camping sites.