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Precautions for Buying a Camping Folding Chair

Some friends tend to ignore the purchase of folding chairs when they first enter the pit for camping because if you buy a folding chair, you must have one piece. If you are a family of three, you need to buy three pieces, which will undoubtedly increase the number of equipment. , it is inconvenient to carry. But in fact, if you are camping at a fixed location, you rarely hike, and there are many people, the chair camping folding is an essential piece of equipment.

Some people will say that since it is camping, you can sit on rocks or in tents. That's wrong. Not every campsite has such suitable stones, and a suitable stone is at least a few dozen pounds. And if you're camping with women or children, sitting on cold, hard rocks isn't a good idea. And camping is generally at least half a day, so long without a comfortable place to sit and rest and enjoy the scenery is painful. Moreover, when eating, the feeling of everyone sitting around and eating is different from everyone standing.

1. The purchase of the chair camping folding

Let's talk about sitting in a tent. The tent is suitable for lying down and resting, and sitting on the ground for a long time is very uncomfortable for the spine. So, it's best for everyone to have a folding chair. There are several tips for choosing the chair camping folding.

(1) First: try to buy a folding chair with a backrest. Although there is a backrest, it will be longer when folded, but the comfort is better.

(2) Second: Unless you are tall, it is best to choose a folding chair with a seat size between 30cm and 40cm (excluding the backrest). This is the golden ratio suitable for most people, taking into account the storage and folding and use experience.

(3) Third: A large folding chair with armrests, although it looks good and is more comfortable to use, the volume and weight increase, you can choose it as appropriate.

(4) Fourth: Portable folding chairs are not high-tech, and there is no secret to the materials used. There is no need to choose too expensive ones. The important thing is that the lighter the better, the buyer can buy according to their own economic ability.

2. The comfort of the chair camping folding

The neat touch is extended support for each foot to keep them from sinking into the soft sand (or turf in most campgrounds) or damaging the floor of the family tent, which is also a good thing. A convenient mesh storage pocket on the backrest, and a comfortable polyester canvas seat. For stylish camping in most situations, or even use in the garden at home.

In terms of comfort, you can really sink into the soft fabric back but still, feel supported. The portable folding chair has armrests, the sitting position is comfortable, the load-bearing is relatively strong, and you can sit and swing on it while holding the baby.