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What Do I Need to Bring for Camping?

For many outdoor enthusiasts, wild camping is a good way to experience nature, but to get in touch with nature, you should also bring all necessary camping equipment. The following are the things to bring for wild camping, let's take a look.

1. Camping equipment: tents

There are many kinds of camping equipment tents. Now the most popular is the three-season double tent, because this tent can be used except in winter, and it adopts a double-layer structure. The outer tent is rainproof and the inner tent is breathable. And the outer tent can be removed when the weather is fine. If the place you want to go is alpine or snowy mountains, it is recommended to use a special alpine tent. This kind of tent integrates the advantages of warmth, ventilation and wind protection, and is very suitable for use in cold climates or high mountains.

2. Camping equipment: backpack

There are many sizes of backpacks, we have to choose the size of the backpack according to the distance of the destination and the time of camping. If you only take a day or two around the city, it is recommended to choose a backpack with a capacity of 40~50 liters. When choosing a backpack, be sure to pay attention to whether the backpack's carrying system works. A good carrying system can transfer the weight of the backpack to the waist and back.

3. Camping equipment: sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, jackets and hiking shoes

Sleeping bags are divided into down and cotton. If the climate is warmer, it is recommended to use cotton. If the climate is cold or in high mountains, it is recommended to use down. Compared with cotton sleeping bags, down sleeping bags are lighter and easier to compress, but the price is higher than that of cotton sleeping bags. Camping equipment moisture-proof pads can isolate the moisture on the ground to a certain extent and ensure a sleeping environment. Jackets can effectively evaporate the sweat in the body, keep the body dry, and reduce the discomfort of people during daytime activities. Mountaineering shoes are not equal to sports shoes. The main function of hiking shoes is to generate cushioning to protect the feet when walking in the wild.

4. Camping equipment: water bottle, flashlight or headlight, compass and emergency items

It is best to keep the water bottle warm, because long-term outdoor sports often require warm water to relieve fatigue. Flashlight or headlight, it is recommended to choose headlight, because the headlight can be fixed on the head, freeing hands. Mobile phone navigation is not necessarily useful everywhere, at this time we need to prepare a compass for emergencies. Emergency supplies include emergency medicines, emergency food and emergency lighting supplies. Once these accidents happen outdoors, these emergency supplies will be our life-saving straws.

5. Camping gear: food, cutlery and cooking utensils

This is prepared according to the number of people and personal preference. If the weather is hot, it is recommended to freeze the food. It is recommended to choose an oil stove, white gasoline or kerosene for camping equipment and cooking utensils. Be careful when cooking in the wild, extinguish the fire in time, and do not stand downwind of the flame.

It can be deleted according to personal preference. Sunscreen, insect repellent, trekking poles, Swiss Army Knife, binoculars, and more. The outdoor environment sometimes changes greatly, so it is recommended to check the weather forecast before going out. When you are away from home, accidents can happen at any time. It is a good idea to bring emergency medicines. You may not use them, but they will not be heavy in your bag. Of course, you do not need to carry too many unnecessary medicines. In the outdoors, the focus is more on protection than waiting for medicine.

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