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Outdoor Cooking Utensils Are Distinguished from Materials

1. Camping cookset: titanium cookware

Titanium cookware is the most popular of outdoor cookware right now. As a raw material, titanium is very light. Despite being super light, it is very strong (comparable to steel) and is known for being highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium pans are sturdy, but titanium itself has a moderate thermal conductivity, so it will be made very thin, so it can transfer heat efficiently without using too much fuel. One of the more stubborn problems with titanium pot camping cookers is that the heating is uneven, and beginners may easily burn food. Another Achilles heel of titanium is its cost, and titanium cookware tends to be the more expensive option. In general, titanium cookware is considered safe for cooking. In short, suitable for backpacking, hiking and other camping activities.

2. Camping cookset: aluminum cookware

The material of the aluminum pan is aluminum oxide, which is "lighter" in weight than titanium. Aluminum pans are better for cooking because the heat is evenly distributed. Therefore, aluminum pots have always been the first choice for kitchen pots and pans. However, the aluminum texture is relatively soft and easy to deform, so it is terrible after falling. Aluminum pans are cheaper and generally larger than titanium pans, which is important if you need to heat hot water or cook food for a group of people. It is said that aluminum can cause slow intellectual development in children, so I am worried that using aluminum pots will cause the body to absorb too much aluminum and affect health. This problem no longer exists, anodizing hardens the cookware and makes it more durable, and the aluminum element is not easily absorbed, so don't worry too much. In short, cost-effective aluminum camping cookset.

3. Camping cookset: stainless steel cookware

We often hear that it is 304 stainless steel, which is used in cups and cookware. This kitchen is more used, stainless steel is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and inexpensive, and there is little evidence that stainless-steel Camping cookset is harmful to cooking. It does contain elements such as iron, nickel, etc., which penetrate into your food, but in very small amounts. Gently wash daily with water and dish soap. Do not use abrasive steel wool or harsh chemicals.

4. Camping cookset: non-stick coating

Some pans have a nonstick coating added, such as Teflon, to prevent food from sticking to the inside of the cooking vessel. Mainly will make cleaning easier. Although convenient, it is recommended to avoid any non-stick coating. Once the nonstick coating starts to peel off, you'll need to throw away the pan. There's also a safety concern, perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, used to make nonstick coatings, is a suspected carcinogen. However, there are very few pans with this coating these days.

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